Straight Limb Rotations

In this tutorial I will be presenting a method of exploring rotation in the shoulders and hips using straight limbs. Because the concept is one of exploration and tinkering, once you have the basic idea it is possible and encouraged to use it to explore many positions and possibilities. To give you a starting point 9 exercises are presented which demonstrate usage of the concept.

This program is much like many of my other programs in that doing the exercise is actually quite simple - most people will be able to perform it correctly on their first attempt.  The interesting part isn't coordinating the exercise, it's what comes into awareness after repeated usage.  As such, I advise that you put this exercise in your daily routine for 30 - 90 days straight, giving it 5 - 10 minutes of attention every day for this period. 

It is of particular help in restoring left/right imbalances in the shoulders and hips as it will make them *very* obvious - the rotation simply won't go as far on one side as the other. 

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Craig Mallett

I am a teacher (and student!) of the Daoist tradition known as Ba Men Da Xuan. The tutorials shown on this page are *not* from the Da Xuan tradition, rather they are a reflection and repository of my accumulated practices before this, including a decade of training traditional Chinese martial arts (Xin Yi Liu He, Cha Quan and Yang style Tai Chi) under Dapeng Wang, various explorations of MovNat, Ancestral Movement, Gymnastic Bodies, various Movement Culture modalities, Stretch Therapy, Physical Alchemy, Parkour, Dance, and much more.

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