CRAIG MALLETT Video Tutorials


Welcome to my tutorials page. Here you will find a selection of tutorials that each contain guidance and exercises for training a particular topic. Many of the tutorials are simple in appearance, but do not be deceived. Even once you can perform the exercise correctly, the real progress comes by continuing to practice. Try and put in 5 minutes per day on whichever exercise you are working on. You should see obvious changes within 30 days! If you are at all confused about how to proceed with any tutorial you have purchased, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Daoist Physical Cultivation

The Daoist Physical Cultivation syllabus uses stances, drills and theory from a Daoist and Chinese martial arts background to transform the physical body and awaken dormant muscles, connective tissues and circulatory channels. Jibengong [Foundational Exercises] are exercises that are trained in a sustained and systematic way to develop the qualities required to practice skillfully and achieve this transformation. As the structure is established, the protective tension will fall away and a possibility to hold and move the body with a deep relaxed ease arises. The approach melts tension from the system which allows an agile and robust physical form to be born and with this the available energy and feelings of vitality increases dramatically.

Body Awakening

Body Awakening is a method of exploring the body and bringing to life various muscles and tissues that fall asleep due to disuse. In their hybernation they exist in a permanent partial contraction, constantly using energy and distorting the whole physical structure. By teaching them to contract, we may also learn how to relax them. The more regularly they change between the contracted and relaxed state, the more clearly into our awareness they appear.