Leg Awakening

In this tutorial you will learn a method of training that uniquely combines 3 plane lunges, weight transfers and the concept of expand and contract found in many martial arts.  I was originally introduced to this unique approach to familiar concepts by my good friend Simon Thakur from Ancestral Movement

What you see here is my interpretation of the concepts with a primary intention of feeling the workings of the legs in as much detail and variety as possible with the most efficiency of time. The tutorial is split into 3 sections, the first on shifting weight between two points, the second on stepping in various ways, and the third on specific work of the ankles. 

Expect huge increases in leg function and awareness of the lower body, as well as the beginnings of feeling the connection from the legs to the upper body. This method is best used as a daily practice until the qualities are set enough to be able to be integrated into other practices. 10 minutes per day of exploration for 30 - 90 days should produce a nice basic result.  Remember to not push it too hard - 70% exertion is more than enough for these exercises

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Craig Mallett

I am a teacher (and student!) of the Daoist tradition known as Ba Men Da Xuan. The tutorials shown on this page are *not* from the Da Xuan tradition, rather they are a reflection and repository of my accumulated practices before this, including a decade of training traditional Chinese martial arts (Xin Yi Liu He, Cha Quan and Yang style Tai Chi) under Dapeng Wang, various explorations of MovNat, Ancestral Movement, Gymnastic Bodies, various Movement Culture modalities, Stretch Therapy, Physical Alchemy, Parkour, Dance, and much more.

Many of the courses found on this page bear the Aware Relaxed Connected or Physical Alchemy logo and website.  ARC was the original name of my solo explorations, and from 2017 - 2018 I was joined with Dave Wardman under the banner Physical Alchemy (a banner which this site shared for a time). ARC no longer exists and Physical Alchemy has returned to being just Dave; I am now back to rolling solo - this time without a particular brand name, just me :)

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