This is a short program that will introduce some different ways of crawling and develop the capacity to easily and quickly coordinate and feel either opposite or same side limbs working in quadrupedal crawling patterns.

3 major patterns will be demonstrated, and each pattern will be performed in multiple directions and as rotations.

These practices are reasonably low impact and are a great way to begin exploring ground based movements that use both the hands and feet. They are not meant to represent any particular "correct" way of moving - the world of ground based movement is extremely large with many approaches that each develop particular attributes. I hope you can use these movements to begin your own exploration of crawling and other locomotive patterns, and not get stuck on these particular drills.

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Craig Mallett

I am a teacher (and student!) of the Daoist tradition known as Ba Men Da Xuan. I also teach a self-created collection of physical practices that were born out of my tinkering with the various methods I have trained in, which I call ‘Hammer’s Anvil’ (Hammer is one of my nicknames.  Mallett…Hammer…get it??! :)). 

Many of the courses found on this page bear the Aware Relaxed Connected or Physical Alchemy logo and website.  ARC was the original name of my solo explorations, and from 2017 - 2018 I was joined with Dave Wardman under the banner Physical Alchemy (a banner which this site shared for a time). ARC no longer exists and Physical Alchemy has returned to being just Dave; I am now back to rolling solo - this time without a particular brand name, just me :)

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