Basics of Qigong

This 9 week video course will introduce you to the practice of qigong.  In week 1 you will be introduced with a simple standing practice and then new videos will be released to you every 7 days after purchase until the 9 weeks is completed. 

Qigong is an ancient practice that comes from China and has many hundreds of styles and flavours associated with medical and martial practitioners alike. Regardless of the style, the primary attribute of qigong is a focus on improving the vitality through the use of simple, repetitive movements practised while standing. The movements, synchronised with the breathing, establish a particular internal alignment that allows us to deeply relax which in turn dramatically increases the internal sensations and circulation. 

This style of qigong comes from my first teacher Dapeng Wang - to whom I am forever grateful to for introducing me to the wonderful worlds of Daoism, Buddhism and Chinese Martial Arts and teaching me many incredibly rich practices. I recall him sharing a tale of the teacher who he learned this form from.  He would tell us that this teacher was more than 90 years old with the best taiji skills he had ever seen, despite only ever practicing qigong and that he could walk swiftly up a staircase 2 stairs at a time. 

It is safe to say that we are amidst an epidemic of stress in the current time which is leading to a myriad of personal, cultural and ecological disasters. Now more than ever we must turn to practices like qigong to slow down, recuperate and balance our ever more stressful lives.  This applies tenfold to those who are engaging in intense physical practices!

Over the 9 weeks of this course I will share with you the fundamentals of this wonderful practice.  You will be introduced to individual exercises week by week, slowly adding to the picture until it all comes together to create a 20 minute form.  You will have everything you need to have a very solid practice of qigong - for 9 weeks and then ongoing for the rest of your life. 

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Craig Mallett

I am a teacher (and student!) of the Daoist tradition known as Ba Men Da Xuan. The tutorials shown on this page are *not* from the Da Xuan tradition, rather they are a reflection and repository of my accumulated practices before this, including a decade of training traditional Chinese martial arts (Xin Yi Liu He, Cha Quan and Yang style Tai Chi) under Dapeng Wang, various explorations of MovNat, Ancestral Movement, Gymnastic Bodies, various Movement Culture modalities, Stretch Therapy, Physical Alchemy, Parkour, Dance, and much more.

Many of the courses found on this page bear the Aware Relaxed Connected or Physical Alchemy logo and website.  ARC was the original name of my solo explorations, and from 2017 - 2018 I was joined with Dave Wardman under the banner Physical Alchemy (a banner which this site shared for a time). ARC no longer exists and Physical Alchemy has returned to being just Dave; I am now back to rolling solo - this time without a particular brand name, just me :)

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